Less Parking, More City

Brand Identity + B2B & Marketing Materials

Faced with the need to achieve a high impact on the city's future, The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy México and the Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad entrusted us with designing the architectural contest’s identity for their parking reform policy program.


For the logo design, we visually represent the polygon where the architecture competition occurs. We add the space used by parking lots and how this competition seeks to "transform" the parking area to give the city more space. Parking spaces that reduce the size and provide space for the sustainable growth of the town.


We designed the contest’s Brand Identity, all the visual communication materials and presentations for sponsors, and the calls for professionals and students with great reception among brands and developers.


"We develop a versatile communication system based on the logos visual areas, giving all communication a coherent tone and ensuring a high visual impact. The call sought to gather the private sector, civil society organizations, and a multidisciplinary jury of prestigious members: architects, urban planners, economists, and public policy experts. The call result was extraordinary; 52 projects were received, 28 in the student category and 24 in the professional category."


"Franklin Vargas helped an idea come alive; something complicated and difficult to communicate became attractive and innovative thanks to his input."

Oscar Ruiz.
Coordinator of Technology and Data Science at IMCO.

Miguel Angel Mancera, Mayor of Mexico City, announces the new reform under the parking construction law during the “Less Parking, More City” award ceremony.

Winning projects propose repurposing parking garages to educational and cultural centers focused on visual arts and a mixed-use space with housing, co-working, and recreational facilities.

Thanks to these critical efforts, among others from ITDP and IMCO in 2017, Mexico City passed North America’s most groundbreaking parking reform policy. Learn more about How Mexico City Became a Leader in Parking Reform