ITDP 35 Years

Brand Identity + Video Animations

To celebrate the 35 years of ITDP's foundation, we designed the commemorative logo and create the digital animation of its 8 Principles for Sustainable Urban Development.

The commemorative logo should have the possibility of including the text "35 years transforming cities" in 7 different languages.


In addition to the logo design and animation, we make an animated video about its Eight Principles for Better Streets and Better Cities.

In our ITDP GLOBAL PUBLICATION REDESIGN, we established a visual system to represent these principles. Using the elements from that system, we produce eight short animated videos attractively showing each principle through simple animated graphics and a vibrant color palette.

Franklin Vargas.

"Our 35-year celebratory video brings to life our eight principles great system. People loved it and remembered the foundations that we stand for in a joyful, contemporary way."

Verónica Ortiz Cisneros

ITDP Global Publications Manager

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Sustainable Transport Magazine Design

Brand Identity + Editorial Design

We updated the cover design for the annual Sustainable Transport Magazine.
With the new cover design, we give the final touches to the publication we designed in 2018, and ITDP has been using it in recent years.

Tags: ONGs, Non-Profit, ITDP, Transport, Better Cities.

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