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Drafft celebrated its 40 years in business, and we were part of the invited designers to make a visual composition about its anniversary. Happy 40 years, Drafft!.


The typographic design of the number 40 was made with lines of variable thickness that "push each other," intertwining the numbers 4 and 0. This design represents in a tangible way how the past and the present interact, giving life to new forms that will undoubtedly be part of the future of design in Mexico and the world.

Franklin Vargas.

"Drafft's 40 years design is the continuation of a relationship with Franklin Vargas of 11 years since he arrived in Mexico City as a project manager at Drafft.
In partnership from 2016 to 2019, we produced world-class brand identities. Since the beginning of 2020, we continue to collaborate on the projects that we are most passionate about, creating memorable and unique brands."

Carmen Cordera, founder and CEO of Drafft diseñadores asociados.
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Diseño: Frankin Vargas ( @franklinmvargas ) Para 40 años Drafft.

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Drafft celebrated his 40th anniversary by inviting 40 designers related to the studio to generate a free visual composition for his Instagram account.
Here's Drafft's animation on her original post: Drafft's 40 years by Franklin Vargas Studio.

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