1. Manantial Blanco preserves artistic and cultural expressions on the blockchain to give them visibility, scalability, and global reach.
  2. Through a process of immersion, we build relationships with artists and add the expansive and global reach of digitization.
  3. ¡Alebrijes, Alebrijes! celebrates the artistic legacy of the Linares family, ensuring its authenticity and provenance through the blockchain.
  4. The benefits of each project are distributed among the 77 tokens of the investor community, which you can be a part of HERE
  5. ¡Agenda una videollamada con Julieta Milanesio aquí!  o envía DM a @franklinvargas en X.



"Manantial Blanco was created with the goal of being the leading decentralized Hispanic production house on the Blockchain. Its focus is to select and offer cultural projects and content, available in both English and Spanish."


We preserve artistic and cultural expressions on the blockchain to give them visibility, scalability, and global reach.
We promote the adoption of these new technologies in artistic communities so that they can benefit from the decentralized economy. 

We encourage cultural exchange

Our goal is to unite different languages and traditions, with the aim of forming a more open and diverse global community.

We drive community innovations

With a focus on building community, we empower members to create diverse and pioneering works in their field.

We promote excellence in content

We produce art and content that captivates and inspires, offering a dynamic portfolio that resonates with an international audience.


Our goal is to transform local cultural movements into Internet-native projects. We guarantee authenticity by highlighting their origins and provenance.


Through an immersive process, we build deep relationships with artists and add the expansive and global reach of digitization.



Alebrijes, Alebrijes! is our inaugural project and is fundamental in defining our plan to elevate cultural expressions integrated into the blockchain, where the artist finds a new income channel.


We transform the exclusive art from the Linares Studio into a new Internet-native project. Learn more about this first collaborative project here:

"On the blockchain, every piece of art and every project we undertake has a unique digital identity, which ensures authenticity, provenance, and a perfect bridge between the physical and the digital."


Manantial Blanco aims to establish an organization where members are also owners, making 77 tokens available to its community of investors. Each token starts at 1 ETH and the price doubles after every 7 sold to ensure that the project meets its funding goals.


The owners of the tokens in the investor community have a decision-making vote on these projects for each token they have purchased. Additionally, they receive the economic benefits from all the projects produced in Manantial Blanco. In turn, they have the right to buy and sell these assets from day 1.

To purchase the tokens and become part of the investor community, please visit:



Manantial Blanco offers varying benefits depending on each project we execute from its inception.

  1. Alebrijes, Alebrijes! is an auction house on the Ethereum blockchain (, currently operational, with 33% of the sales benefits.

  2. An e-commerce site for all types of pieces made by Estudio Linares (, with its official launch scheduled for December 15, 2023, offers 50% of the sales benefits.

  3. The development of a new family brand and its online store for textile products based on the designs of Estudio Linares ( is set to launch in March 2024, offering 66% of the sales benefits.

  4. The development of the site is in support of the memory and legacy of Pedro Linares and his family. It is a digital museum to preserve the historical and cultural richness of these artisans and their great talent, curated by the renowned Mexican anthropologist Marta Turok. This site does NOT generate income.

    Owning a token means receiving the benefits from the projects according to the number of tokens purchased. Each one represents 1.3% of the total of 77 tokens, and its holder receives that percentage of the total income.

"Participate in the celebration of art and culture by creating collaborative artistic content in our community."


For any inquiries about Manantial Blanco and our ongoing projects, please write to us at:

Julieta Milanesio:  -  On X: @PiccolaGiulia

Franklin Vargas: -  On X: @franklinvargas

Or schedule a video call with us: