Latinx Minority and Women-Owned SMEs Program 

This program is an effort we established at Franklin Vargas studio to serve Latinx community entrepreneurs and business leaders with valuable design resources to build their Brands.

For all 2021 at Franklin Vargas Studio, we established a Latinx Minority and Women-Owned Business special rates if you are part of our community in the USA and have the vision to invest in your business future. And like the Case Study for A V Painting in Houston, we can establish an affordable weekly payment no matter the project's scope.

Why is so important?

- In this pandemic landscape minorities companies are been hit hard and COVID-19 took a toll on Latinx Businesses.

Almost 1 in 5 companies don’t make it through a recession

- Statistics show in past recessions that the winners Cut and Invest.

+75% more likely to succeed than cutting alone

- True is there is an opportunity to Growth in this recession landscape in

+ Awareness
+ Connection
+ Engagement
+ Loyalty

Take action!

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